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Tassarolo village and Italian gastronomic specialties

Italian gastronomic specialties

Tassarolo (Tassareu in Piedmont dialect, Tascëreu in Ligurian dialect) is a hillside village with around 650 inhabitants located in the province of Alessandria, in Piedmont, very close to the border with Liguria.

Already home to a Benedictine monastery dating back to the eleventh century, Tassarolo was owned by the Marquis of Gavi in 1172.
The town passed to the Genovese people, before being conquered by the Alexandrians. It saw the Feud of the Spinola from Luccoli in 1367, and then entered in the Imperial Feud.

It was in possession of the Duke of Mantua and then of the Savoy kings in 1736.
Today, Tassarolo Castle is the last remaining testimony to the feud, a former coin mint.

Tassarolo and its hills are fabulous destinations for a weekend trip or relaxing holiday and above all, good food and wines.

Relaxation is guaranteed by its beautiful landscape characterised by rolling vineyards, woods and pastures as well as charming inns perfect for stopping at to enjoy the silence.
For golf lovers, the Golf Club Colline del Gavi offers 110 hectares of open space (18 Tournament holes + 9 Executive holes) between meadows, woods, trails and streams, giving the chance to play at a high technical level with holes that follow a natural course, leveraging the gentle ups and downs and the morphology of the terrain.

For lovers of good food and wine, Tassarolo offers countless pleasant surprises.

Gavi DOCG wine, produced with pure 100% Cortese grapes, is a striking exception to the great reds of Piedmont. In fact, ancient people named Gavi as “the white Barolo” . From a gastronomic point of view, this area is influenced by Ligurian the sea climate.

Moreover, Tassarolo is located on what was once the only road connecting Genoa to the river “Po” Plain, once called the famous “road of salt”.

The local cuisine, as often happens in Italy, is the result of the rural tradition, made up of simple products treated with care and respect.

The best-known specialties are certainly the "ravioli di Gavi", a pasta actually born in Gavi in the famous kitchen of Raviolo family, "Tassarolo sausages" and famous flat bread and porridge made with chickpea flour.