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Seasons at Tenuta San Pietro


Spring in Tenuta San Pietro Winery Estate


It marks the awakening of nature from winter rest. The rows are lively and within a few weeks the first shoots grow and turn into beautiful, bright green leaves.
The branches of the vine grow stronger and stronger and begin flowering after a few weeks.
Small clusters of grape which grow quickly.




Summer in the San Pietro Winery Estate


It is the time for ripening. The heat and the sun allow the levels of sugar to grow in the grapes. The wine-growers observe and control. It is then that they have a sense of what the harvest will be like. Will it be abundant?
Will it be full of scents that need protection and enhancing during winemaking?
Will they be wines with great thick body, supported by a good alcoholic shoulder?
Finally, the crucial moment approaches. The early varieties are harvested as soon as mid-August

Autumn in the San Pietro Winery Estate


The winery managers look at the plants. They control the stage of maturation of grapes and choose the right time to harvest.

They hope the blue skies do not give way to rainy clouds.
In the cellar everything is ready to receive the grapes. It is a job that requires great organization. From the vineyard to the cellar, the grapes must spend as little time as possible in the heat to avoid losing the best perfumes.
Meanwhile, the field is ready for a new period of winter rest. The leaves turn red, giving the surrounding hills wonderful nuances

Winter in the San Pietro Winery Estate


Peace reigns over the vineyards of Tenuta in this season. The hills are often covered with snow that dampens all noises. The grapes on the rows are bare, almost lifeless. The harvest has been completed. There might still be some particular row, a late harvest.

The wine is kept in large steel containers, at a controlled temperature waiting to mature. The winemaker checks that everything goes in the right direction. He tastes, verifies and supervises. It's time to prune the plants – a long work of precision. An art that will determine the next harvest