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Grappa Gorrina Riserva

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The Gorrina Grappa Riserva is produced from the marcs of Cortese grapes steam-distilled in pot stills.
Refining takes place in French oak barrels where it is aged for at least 24 months.
This process gives the Grappa Riserva all of its features and the unmistakable flavours of the grapes which it derives from.

Raw material: fine selected marcs of Cortese grapes from the century-old Gorrina vineyard.
Fermentation: under vacuum in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.
This process is immediately followed by distillation to avoid secondary fermentation.
Distillation: occurs through hand-crafted steam pot stills, adhering to ancient tradition.
The distillation process is very slow in order to give the volatile components responsible for the perfume an appropriate period of evaporation and subsequent condensation, to keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes.
Ageing: 24 months in small oak barrels.
Colour: intense and bright amber.
Alcohol content: 43%.
Tasting: Grappa Gorrina combines elegance with a great balance of flavours including fruity and floral and delicate hints of vanilla and oak.
Ideal when served at 17°C in a large tulip shaped glass. Before tasting, it is advisable to rest the Grappa for a few minutes in its glass to help oxygenate it.
In this way, the aromas are released and you get a perfect nose/palate harmony.

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