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Organic and Biodynamic farming method

Biodynamic farming method and philosophy

In the early 1900s the intensive use of chemicals in the countryside started to cause obvious problems and farmers were very concerned about the deterioration of the quality of crops and the environment.

The soil was losing its fertility, the duration of seed germination was decreasing and animals were reproducing less. In this case, in 1924 the Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner laid the foundations for what is now commonly called "Biodynamic Agriculture", based on a simple but essential principle: farming should not warp and exploit nature; it should rather work in harmony with its laws.

During subsequent years in England and Switzerland, organic agriculture and organic farming were born respectively. These are different names that still determine the same purpose, namely to follow a production method based on reducing the use of synthetic-chemical substances and respecting natural cycles of cultivation while allowing for sustainable production over time.

Our own ethic is founded on the principles of sustainability, environmental protection and organic vineyard cultivation.
Our commitment has always been to achieve high environmental standards in the world of producing Italian wines of excellence.

The result of this organic conversion process, which started 2008 and was completed in 2013, was achieving the “Bios” certification of conformity with the EU Regulation 834/07 / EC in the field of organic production

Organic and Biodynamic farming

A great result that places us among the first quality wine producers to have achieved this certification across our entire production line.
Cultivating through biodynamic and organic methods means putting into practice a philosophy of life which we strongly believe in.

Respect for the land and the cycles of nature is a priority and a must for everyone in Tenuta San Pietro: we have totally ruled out the use of poisonous substances, synthetic chemicals, chemical fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides.

In our vineyards, we use green manure between the rows of grapes, fertilising the marl-clay soil with dynamic horn manure and using manure for the protection of the plants and a small amount of copper sprayed quarry sulfur at certain times of the year and only when necessary.

For each agricultural operation, we consult the sowing calendar which is the result of years of research and studies on the influence of the moon in different agricultural practices.

The organic / biodynamic cultivation method also has great benefits for the environment: reducing water consumption by promoting the water retention capacity (humus) of the soil, meaning less energy is needed using substances and means that the production chain is low cost (eg macerated of herbs, teas etc.) and finally reduces pollution by increasing the photosynthetic capacity of the plants and their quality of filtering substances harmful to humans from our atmosphere.

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