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Native autochtonous historic Nibiö Vineyard

historic Vineyard Nibiö

The Tenuta San Pietro winery holds an old vine and native grape, known as Nibio which has been grown in the Tassarolo territory for over a thousand years, so as to be also nominated in the annals of the neighboring Republic of Genoa.

Perhaps related to the Dolcetto, once considered the king of wines for the inhabitants of the area, Nibiò has become the object of special protection with its excellence surviving only in this country. Nibiò vineyard recovered from Tenuta San Pietro is over one hundred years old.

The plants are still original with their own roots, that is, not grafted onto American roots. It is a privilege to walk among the ancient vineyards of this grape variety, immersed in an absolutely beautiful setting between the irregular shoe shapes that bear the marks of the past. True works of art and an expression of nature and Mother Earth.

The wine, made in limited production, is the oldest traditional red of Tassarolo.
The name, Orma Romea Monferrato Rosso DOC, recalls the passage of the pilgrims, or "Romei pilgrims" who came down from Northern Europe to Rome and passed through these lands, always known as a great quality wine production area.

historic Vineyard NibiöThis historic vineyard Nibiò red lends itself to long ageing in the glass and has a beautiful deep ruby ​​red with violet hues.

The wine has a density revealing a full-bodiedness and the thickness of a wine capable of surprising.
The aromas are complex, ever-changing. After a brief oxygenation, it develops all the elegance of its bouquet.

One can recognise hints of berries, especially raspberries and blackberries, then plum and red flowers. On the palate, it is enveloping, seductive, rich in extractive substances. The tannins are round, in great balance and with an extraordinary softness.

Orma Romea Monferrato Rosso

  • D.O.C = Controlled Origin Designation
  • From Nibiö grapes
  • Excellence Label