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Tenuta San Pietro Winery

Tenuta San Pietro Winery

Tenuta San Pietro is one of first and oldest organic and biodynamic wine companies in the GAVI DOCG wine area. It rises from the rolling hills of Tassarolo, a village between the Piedmont and Liguria provinces.
The name of this area (San Pietro) originates from the small church of the Benedictine monastery which has stood here since the 11th century; the church was consecrated and dedicated to the first of the Apostles (St. Peter).

The estate spreads out over a total of 65 hectares; 35 hectares of which mainly produce “Cortese di Gavi “ grapes, while a small area grows native varieties of black grapes (such as Albarossa, Barbera, NIBIO) and Chardonnay grapes for the production of sparkling wines. The remaining part consists of meadows or oak and acacia woods which protect many species of wild animals.

The vineyards are positioned on steep hills (300 metres above sea level) and form a single body of the estate.
The vineyards are well-exposed and the hills do not allow for water to become stagnant which would endanger the plants. The vineyards have excellent drainage, but, at the same time, retain vital moisture required during dry spells.
Winds come from the nearby Liguria region allowing for the grapes to develop their primary aromas and preventing some plant diseases.

The important presence in the soil of sea fossils and shells is evidence of how these lands were under the sea millions of years ago.
The salinity and minerality of the soil give a unique flavour to all of the wines produced here.

In 2002 the estate was acquired by Milanese businessman Corrado Alota with the aim to make it his "buen retiro", spending time away from his commitments and professional tensions and enjoying the serenity of quality time spent with his family.
His first duty was to devote himself to the recovery and enhancement of the vineyard's ecosystem through new farming programmes inspired by organic-biodynamic principles.

Our ongoing commitment aims to achieve high environmental standards within the field of Italian wine production of excellence.
Our ethics are based on the principles of sustainability, environmental protection and our organic vineyard.
The result of this organic conversion process, which started 2008 and was completed in 2013, was achieving the “Bios” certification of conformity with the EU Regulation 834/07 / EC in the field of organic production.

This was a great result that places us among the first quality wine producers to have achieved this certification across our entire production line.

It is also possible to taste and enjoy the Tenuta San Pietro wines in the exclusive Enoteca San Pietro Cafè, Restaurant and Bar in Milan, located in the city centre at 6 Corso Buenos Aires.